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Business Development


It is essential when a company needs to produce valuation reports or to receive audits that finance companies require. When you seek a loan or financing from a personal investor, this transaction requires to be valued legitimately and precisely. Potential mergers or acquisitions are also essential. We can look at past year's revenue, business book, and growth trends to determine your company's rational value for giving prospective investors or customers.

Tax Preparation & Planning


Tax planning and preparation are much more important than finishing tax returns, although accounting companies prepare state and federal corporate tax returns. Accounting companies also prepare company year-end records such as IRS ownerK-1, worker W-2 and 1099-Misc forms. Business owners may also authorize accounting companies to represent the interests of company owners regarding notices, applications for data or audits from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). In addition, we will assist you in establishing  a business entity that generate the most favorable tax scenarios for your company.

Write-Up Services


Many company owners are fantastic in offering the product or service that is the cornerstone of the company, but company owners aren't always specialists on the economic elements of running a business. Here at PATS, we can help with this by keeping precise cash flow records, and generate profit and loss statements that breaks down the important regions of cost and income streams.